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Our goal is to help you live a lifestyle that produces your own food and teach you how to effectively use your land. We look forward to working alongside you! 

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About Homestead Hands

Homestead Hands began in Logan Utah to help people provide for themselves and provide for those around them. We are creating a network of hard-working people who desire better health and function in their lives, community, land, and people around them. We believe that we all have a responsibility to effectively use the resources available to us and sometimes that requires a little guidance. We provide on-site property evaluations for each of our clients. Each project includes soil samples, microclimate evaluations, resource identification, and property measurements. On every project, we focus on the individual nature of each property (From a backyard garden to a full-time farm). Every person and every acre is unique and therefore deserves special attention. This means that we use our network of specialists to make sure that every customer gets exactly the right service that they need. Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible in your pursuit of developing greater Independence, Self-reliance, and Security.

“My experience with Homestead Hands was phenomenal. I felt so inspired after our consultation and I know the super detailed report will serve me for decades to come. I started at ground zero— I am brand spanking new to homestead life. These guys helped me wrap my brain around my needs and get logistical about my big dreams.”

 – Carly T.


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